Email SMTP and POP3 setup

  • Michael Keeley

    Michael Keeley - 2004-08-02

    I've been attempting to set up email to process requests, but with little success.

    1. I have an SMTP mail server that does not require authorisation and functions perfectly well from our existing CRM, Goldmine.

    In Client Rules > Client > Request Management, I've given the Mail Host my SMTP Mail Server name.

    I have tried to send an email to myself, but get the message

    "Could not send EMail - Invalid Data"

    Any ideas?

    2. My POP3 mail server is different to my SMTP server. How do I set this up?

    There seems to be no detailed setup information on the Compiere site, forums, or in the user manual I purchased.



    • Robin Hoo SP

      Robin Hoo SP - 2004-08-05

      I got it to work....
      1. @ run_setup put in your SMTP server, user, password. You should see an email being transmited after to save your setting.
      2. @ Client Rules > Client > Request Management put in the same thing.
      The trick is you need to make sure there is a sender email address. If you login as SuperUser, there is no sender email information. Try login as GardenUser or GardenAdmin.

    • Mr Mckinsey

      Mr Mckinsey - 2004-09-23

      Try to enter correct email account for POP3 and SMTP info.

      For example, try 'username@yourdomain' instead of 'username'.

      Most of SMTP server requires authentication so you need to tick the SMTP checkbox in Compiere.

      You can use different POP3 and SMTP server to make Requests work.


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