setting up tax for Canada

  • lavino

    lavino - 2009-02-01

    this might be a topic other people will be interested in the future so I wanna post it here so everyone can benefit from it once we have a solution:

    1.  I set up a 'tax rate' as GST/PST and set it as Summary Level checked.  The rate is 15% since PST is 7% and GST is 5% here in my province.   Country To and From is set to Canada

    2.  I then set up 2 new entries one called GST and one called PST .  Those have 'Parent Tax' set as the GST/PST entry and reach rate are set to 5 and 7% which reflects their amount. 

    3.  From what I hear from my R&D this should give me a 2 lines tax amount in GST and PST each line in the SO printout.   Since each GST, PST reference to the parent tax GST/PST line

    4.  Result is diff from what I expected.  I got a single line call GST/PST which is the 12%. but not the 2 lines GST and PST each line.

    So which step did I do wrong here?

    Additional question:

    After I got this setup.  If there is a situation I need to charge only for PST (not GST since GST is affected by number of items you purchased etc etc).  Can I use the same GST/PST tax rate or I have to define a new PST only tax rate all over again? 
    If I can re-use the current one how do I set it to charge just PST but no GST?


    • lavino

      lavino - 2009-02-02

      ahh.. actually when after I 'completed' the order I see the GST and PST are now in separate lines.   So the sales order looks different before and after the complete action. 
      Anyone know why's that?  Why can't it show me the 2 lines when I view the sales order before I complete it?   Is that a bug or feature?

    • Nitin

      Nitin - 2009-04-28

      Hi Lavino, it is a feature. Untill u complete the order it won't split into 2 lines.
      Since u select the parent tax for both the line items, it showed only one line before completing.
      If require help i can solve the issue

    • lavino

      lavino - 2009-04-29

      thank you for clearing that up.


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