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  • Zak

    Zak - 2009-02-20


    I'm trying to setup an approval workflow for requisitions on my new company.
    I created two users :
    - MyCompAdmin : the company administrator that belong to rôle CompanyAdmin;
    - MyCompUser   : simple user that belong to rôle CompanyUser

    on the rôle windows, i setup the supervisor for the companyuser to companyadmin.

    when i edite the requisition_process workflow, i noticed that it does not change.

    is there any setup missing to make the workflow change ?


    • madhukar

      madhukar - 2009-02-20

      I have tried doing this in the Garden Admin , but i am getting the one command in the bottom saying PLEASE WAIT PROCESSING ,Some times i am able to do but some times its not working in the garden Admin also, I have tried in creating the same in the another client but its not work, even i want the solution for the problem

    • Zak

      Zak - 2009-02-23

      it work fine for me.

      take a look at this tutorial :

      and also the user who approve the documents must be self document approv

      good luck

    • lavino

      lavino - 2009-02-23

      I have an additional question: If you need approval from the manager role or some sort. Will the process be pretty much the same?  Plus if we wanna set approval under a certain condition like only if it is from a certain client, sales etc the anyone know where to insert these exceptions?

    • Kathy Pink

      Kathy Pink - 2009-02-24

      it works the same, goes to the supervisor and if no supervisor is defined goes to the supervisor of the org
      If it is for a specfic customer, you have that in the condition,
      e.g. Grand total > 500 and BPartner = x


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