Where is Best Place For Compiere User Meeting

  • albert

    albert - 2009-01-13

    Compiere user club meeting ...

    To find a place for Knowledge exchange ....

    Where is Best Place For Compiere User Meeting ?

    We have more 5 year Compiere customization experience,

    Which University ?

    Free place ?

    No charge , everything is free ...

    Experience is free ...

    Free stay ....

    • albert

      albert - 2009-01-13

      Free for Install / Customize / Change Kernel code / Add Function .....

      • lavino

        lavino - 2009-01-14

        I would like to know if such a place exist...

        I found that this forum here is so far the most helpful since I really meet someone who is really good at Compiere and help me out a great deal.  So I am placing thx to everyone here.
        But if there is a place we can save all knowledge like a knowledge tree site  so people can search for answers that already answered instead of create a new topic it would be really really great! 

        I am not even any good in compiere for I only have ~2 months experience with it and I know very little about this.   I do have some prior experience with ERP/CRM (like Netsuite) and helps me holding up.  But in terms of Compiere specific knowledge I found it very hard to get any... may be the story is different if I have a chance to go through official trainging?   It is kinda costly for my company for now so they are not gonna put me up for that soon (or at least know that they can profit from it)

    • madhukar

      madhukar - 2009-01-16

      I would like to know any of that place exists ,


    • albert

      albert - 2009-01-18

      We want to build a LongTerm Compiere User meeting House

      a big House , 7 * 24 Hours open with sleeping room, meeting room....

      the Compiere customize course is free for everyone,

      and a little charge for stay 1 person 20 USD per night with Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner...


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