#802 Attribute INstance not assigned

Order (90)
Kathy Pink

If you select a product in a Sales ORder that has an
instance attribute and do not select an attribute, then
the order is processed without the attribute and
inventory is adjusted for a negative amount against the
product but no instance attribute. The system whould
either require an attribute before the line can be saved
or it should select one to use


  • Jacob Pedersen

    Jacob Pedersen - 2003-10-28

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    I think it is OK to save an orderline without an attribute
    instance being selected, but the order should never be
    completed before the attribute has been pointed out or auto-
    selection has been enabled.

    The thing is that when the customer places the order you
    might not have the goods on stock so it does not work to
    force a selection of an attribute. Still you want to be able to
    store the order so that when goods enters the stock, then
    the order is processed.

    I think it is necessary to be able for each order to choose
    whether the system should auto-select an attribute instance
    or if it must be selected manually. It should only be possible
    to complete an order if either:

    - attribute instances has been selected (manually or
    automatically) for each product requiring so (this requires
    that products are on stock at order completion time)


    - auto-selection has been turned on so that the attribute
    instances will be selected during the Generate Shipments
    process so that products which were not on stock at order
    completion time has their attribute instance automatically set
    during the Generate Shipments process.

  • Jorg Janke

    Jorg Janke - 2003-11-07
    • milestone: --> R2.5.0
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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