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Development update

I have some revisions I'll be adding shortly. Current state has some things broken in Simple. I'll be trying to get a good stable release of out in the next few days, and get a distribution tarball with a patched Simple out this weekend.

After that, I'm giving a week to get some more tests written and finish getting at least minimal versions of all the currently projected utils with CompBio out. The current thrust is to stabalize this portion and move on to the DB module for the time being.... read more

Posted by Sean Quinlan 2002-03-21


OK, thanks to everyone at SourceForge for setting this up! ... Now I just need to figure out how to use it all! :)

Anyone intersted in lending a hand or testing this package, please let me know.

Currently, and are functional. Before moving on to the todo lists for methods I want to add, I'm currently working on getting all the util programs functioning properly using the new modules.... read more

Posted by Sean Quinlan 2001-10-12