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comparevcd 0.12 alpha - not ready for the general public yet - compares Verilog VCD files

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Introduction to comparevcd

comparevcd is a command-line tool that compares Value Change Dump files and stops at the first mismatch.

VCD files are dumpfiles generated by EDA logic simulation tools, you would normally use a Waveform viewer like GTKWave to visually inspect the signal levels.

You can manually run comparevcd against two given VCD files in order to determine if they contain the same data for all or some subset of their logic signals.

comparevcd makes it easy to automate the comparison of many VCD files, which helps create regression test suites for Verilog models.

Running comparevcd

You need the Java Runtime Environment to run this tool (tested with OpenJDK 6 under Linux).

Type the following in a command-line console in order to get further information on how to use this tool:

java -jar comparevcd.jar --help

Version History

  • Version 0.12 alpha, released 9 August 2011, git tag "comparevcd-0.12-1"
    This is the first alpha release, not ready for the general public yet.


This tool has been written by R. Diez, is open source and available under the GNU General Public version 3.

The source code is available at the SourceForge project page.


Please send feedback to rdiezmail-comparevcd at yahoo.de

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