2017/02/17    v1.4.13

  • Right-clicking on the header causes the width of the column fit all cells.
  • Added German translation (Thanks to Peet Baldem).

2015/11/11    v1.4.12

  • Added traditional and simplified Chinese translations (Thanks to Jordan Chen).

2015/08/31    v1.4.11

  • Added Turkish translation.

2015/08/05    v1.4.10

  • Add shortcut key F5 to execute queries.

2015/04/21    v1.4.9

  • Fix bug: Unable to open large databases (Thanks to Niels).

2015/04/04    v1.4.8

  • Fix bug: Failed to open databases that contain reserved words in the filename or databases with read only files.

2014/11/29    v1.4.7

  • Fix bug: Unable to open databases above 2045Mb.

2014/11/23    v1.4.6

  • Fix bug: Missing space after the word DEFAULT in the schema viewer.

2014/09/25    v1.4.5

  • Fix bug: Wrong UTF8 characters loaded using the "Load SQL query" menu of the SQL editor.

2014/06/06    v1.4.4

  • Allow the database to grow at least to twice its current size when executing queries.

2014/03/08    v1.4.3

  • Fix bug: Error shrinking database (Thanks to Joel).

2014/02/18    v1.4.2

  • Fix bug: Error when sorting columns of type bit or varbinary.

2014/02/15    v1.4.1

  • Allows sorting by columns.

2013/10/19    v1.4.0

  • The export function now depends on selected table (to export all the database just select the database).
  • When a table is selected then is possible to export to CSV format.
  • Added Czech translation (Thanks to Vesi).

2013/04/20    v1.3.10

  • Fix bug: Sharing violation when opening a database (Thanks to Klaus Gütter).

2012/10/29    v1.3.9

  • Installer updated to incorporate the latest version of the Russian language file.

2012/10/05    v1.3.9

  • Added the entry "TranslationInfo" at the beginning of the translation file to display it in the About dialog.

2012/09/29    v1.3.8

  • Fix bug: Menus "Print" and "Print preview" were not translated.
  • Allow to translate the information fields of the database.
  • Added context menu to the data viewer for allow copying texts, byte arrays and images.

2012/08/24    v1.3.7

  • Fix bug: Error displaying images after modifications made in version 1.3.6.

2012/08/23    v1.3.6

  • Fix bug: Error showing BINARY types and VARBINARY.

2012/07/25    v1.3.5

  • Fix bug: Can not remove values and leave an empty string when editing text columns in database version 4.
  • Added feature to run selected text in Query editor.
  • Removed the error dialog displayed when opening a database which needs password.

2012/07/12    v1.3.4

  • Fix bug: Error on exporting data when a column is deselected.

2012/03/08    v1.3.3

  • Redesign of the CompactView icon.
  • Fix bug: Error opening databases bigger than 256MB.

2012/02/27    v1.3.2

  • Added support to view rowversion and timestamp columns.

2012/02/15    v1.3.1

  • Fix bug: Localized characters and special symbols causes errors in the query editor.
  • Fix bug: The program hangs when running insert commands in certain circumstances.
  • Update data viewer when run "insert", "update" or "delete" commands.

2012/01/02    v1.3.0

  • Modified the method that opens the database to allow generating an exception if the assembly is not found.
  • Added feature to run queries that contain multiple SQL statements each of which ends with a semicolon.
  • Added "Print" option to context menu in SQL Schema viewer and Query editor.
  • Fix bug: Erroneous syntax highlighting when more than a quoted string appears within a same line.
  • Fix bug: Reopen a database after using tools dialog box, throws some errors. (Thanks to Berthier Lemieux).
  • Added main menu and redistribution of old buttons on the toolbar.
  • Added menu entries to "Export" to SQL and "Import" from SQL.
  • Improve SQL highlight performance for large files.

2011/11/14    v1.2.4

  • When selecting "Allow editing", editing mode is automatically started when you select each cell.
  • Fix bug: In SQL Schema viewer the IDENTITY columns showing next value instead of seed value.
  • Fix bug: Config folder was not created correctly.

2011/11/10    v1.2.3

  • Fix bug: SQL Schema viewer error. Delete and update rules of foreign keys displayed inverted.
  • Fix bug: An exception is generated when run a query that not generates rows.
  • Executing queries of type "update", "drop" or "alter" updates the tree view to show all tables.

2011/11/08    v1.2.2

  • Improvements to SQL text highlighting.
  • Added context menu to the query editor for enable options "Cut", "Copy", "Paste", "Load from file" and "Save to file".
  • Added context menu to the SQL Schema viewer for enable options "Copy" and "Save to file".
  • SQL Schema viewer show the full schema of the database selecting his name in the tree view.
  • Fix minor bug: Recent files order.

2011/10/29    v1.2.1

  • The About dialog show the current language code under the CompactView icon.

2011/10/27    v1.2.0

  • Added options button to customize colors.
  • Last main window size an position is saved and restored in the next execution.

2011/10/01    v1.1.0

  • Disappear different versions of program for databases SQLCE35 and SQLCCE40. Now CompactView can open any database of versions 3.1, 3.5 or 4.0
  • Added tool for create new databases.

2011/09/27    v1.0.2

  • Fix bug: An exception is generated when run a query that not generates rows.

2011/09/24    v1.0.1

  • The configuration file of the application happens to be deleted in case of it be corrupted.

2011/09/23    v1.0.0

  • First release.

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