easy 5.1 to co 1.1

  • Fritz

    Fritz - 2007-02-12

    I was deeply pleased to find that you were continuing the development of this app.  So I got the comblog upgrade, but ran into a slight problem.  My easy moblog installation sits in my public_html root.  So when I did the install I couldn't rename my public_html folder.  However it ran fine, but it pretty much is sitting in it's folder.  Any ideas on how to make this happen?  I may have also ran into a problem with the DB prefix.  I wasn't sure if I needed to rename it to the one I use with easymoblog so I left it with the default (comoblog?).  Any help would be great.


    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)


      You are best to leave the DB  prefix to whatever you originally used. I'm still using a easymoblog_ prefix myself on most sites :-)

      The only reason I suggest installing into a new folder is so the script can pull over some old images and modules. It shouldn't make too much of a mess if you try and overlay it into the same folder.

      So are things working ok for you after the upgrade ? If you want to post up your website URL I can look at any issues you are having.


    • Fritz

      Fritz - 2007-02-15

      Thanks for responding Mark.  After rereading what I wrote I'm glad that you were able to decipher what I intended.  So my site hasn't upgraded, but the folder comblog went into works great - hah! 

      My site is www.cidandfritz.net. It's operating great, but slow and cidandfritz.net/comoblog is where the new one is operating. 

      Any assistance would be great.

      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Looking at your website, did you actually do a clean install into that comoblog-1.1 folder ? You can actually upgrade from Easymoblog to Comoblog 1.1 if you wish, that way you can use CoMoblog and keep all your old posts while also retaining your blog at the root of your website. The CoMoblog documentation should lead you through how todo this if you wish.

    • Fritz

      Fritz - 2007-02-15

      Sorry the folder site with the 1.1 is www.cidandfritz.net/comoblog-1.1.


    • Fritz

      Fritz - 2007-02-16

      I followed the upgrade path most carefully.  The only deviations were that I used the comoblog prefix in the database instead of the easymoblog and that I couldn't rename the public_html folder that my regular files are in. 

      If you can direct me on how to update what I've got I'd appreciate it.  I assume it's going to be doing another fresh install and using easymoblog as the prefix, but after that I'm not sure.

      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Sorry for the late reply.

        Yes, the fact that you changed the prefix would have tricked the installer into doing a clean install.

        So, delete the comoblog_ folders in your database and the /comoblog-1.1/ directory structure, that will get you back to where you started. Then I would do the following

        * Move all the current Easymoblog files under a /easymoblog/ folder
        * Extract all the Comoblog files into your root folder
        * Run through the UPGRADE and make sure you leave the prefix  as easymoblog_

        That 'should' get things right for you. As always, backup all your files and databases first :-)


    • Fritz

      Fritz - 2007-02-25

      Things are up and running, but I ended up killing my old database and cleaning out a lot of files.  However, that wasn't a big loss and I'm happy, but now I'm working on the cron stuff.  Nothing's showing up on the site.  I'll keep hacking at it.  Thanks for all your help I hope you continue to expand this excellent project.


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