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  • freeword

    freeword - 2007-11-05

    Hey - this is a great thing you are all doing. I got it all running and customized with the forums help - but I want to display it in and i-frame of my joomla site. \

    So I need to align the while thing left.

    I saw instances in the CSS where the topbar header and posts footer and contents were being formated thusly:

    margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;

    I do not want to break it - so I figured I would ask here first what to change - thanks again - I am totally going to contribute!


    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

      You really are just best to play with it. As long as you backup any template file that you change you shouldn't have problems.

      What are you going todo with the sidebar, topbar, etc - disable them ?


    • freeword

      freeword - 2007-11-07

      Well - I got the template for comoblog down to 600 px - so I think the whole thing will fit right into my 'wrapper' - which is what joomla uses to show an iframe -

      The blog as it is is


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