What do I change in post_add.php?

  • Ricky

    Ricky - 2008-04-28

    What do I need to change in post_add.php to allow more than 4 image uploads.  Say maybe 8.  I think I found the counter part:

    for ($i = 0; $i < count($images); $i++) {
             $query = "insert into ".CFG_MYSQL_TABPREFIX."images (img_mime,img_extension,post_id,img_display,img_thumb) values ('".$images[$i]['ctype']."','".$images[$i]['ext']."','".$post['post_id']."','attach','N')";

             $res = mysql_query($query);
             $img_id = mysql_insert_id();

    But have no idea where to put an "8" I just see where it starts at zero.  I'm noob when it comes to this.


    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

      The code your after will be down further in that file. Look for a loop that contains something like


      Mind you, I can't say if you will hit other problems along the way after just changing a 4 to an 8.

    • Ricky

      Ricky - 2008-05-05

      THANK YOU! Mark, I changed the 4 to and 8 and it seems to be working just fine.  If I could just figure out why its not accepting emails anymore (hosting company switched servers) and if there is a way to adjust the RSS feed so that the thumbnails show up as well.




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