3gp support

  • jusis707

    jusis707 - 2006-05-13

    Hello! Great work! I wondering, does anyone know how to update code to display 3gp files? I know that code supports 3g2, but mostly phone cameras records small movies in 3gp format.

    • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

      Hi there !

      Funny thing, I've already added 3gp support in CVS :-) It was scheduled for 1.2.

      If you want it now you call pull batch/comoblog_batch.php from CVS - that should be enough todo it.

      If you need a hand getting it from CVS let us know.


    • straightgeek

      straightgeek - 2006-05-30


      I got the comoblog_patch.php from CVS and overwrite the file in my comoblog install.  when I email a 3gp file from either my cell phone or a "normal" email account the video does not appear


      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Can you email one to devblog@serialmonkey.com so I can have a look ?

        • straightgeek

          straightgeek - 2006-05-30

          I have sent a test 3GP from the account mda at straightgeek dot com.

          BTW any chance a future release could/would support mp4 or avi?

          all windows mobile 5 devices record video to mp4 by default, but avi is also an option.  3gp is only used for a video type designated as 'MMS' and with most devices can't record more than a few seconds.

          thanks again!

          • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

            Can you email me the comoblog_batch.php you are using ? That email you sent worked fine for me - http://test.serialmonkey.com/comoblog2/

            • straightgeek

              straightgeek - 2006-05-31

              I have emailed my current comoblog_batch.php to your mwallis at serialmonkey dot com address.


              • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

                How did you get that file from CVS ? It wasn't the latest - I've emailed you the correct copy.

                • straightgeek

                  straightgeek - 2006-06-04

                  I went to CVS, browsed to the batch directory, found the file and saved it.  then uploaded it (overwriting) my old file.

                  Would this new file effect the batch module?  I uploaded the comoblog_batch.php you emailed me and ever since the batch processing hasn't worked until I disabled the module, then re-enabled it and changed the batch time (been switching back and forth between 5 and 10 minutes).

                  • straightgeek

                    straightgeek - 2006-06-04

                    I should have added that I switched back to the old comoblog_batch.php and the batch module began working normally again.

                    • straightgeek

                      straightgeek - 2006-06-05

                      looks like I spoke too soon.  about an hour after posting this I sent several test posts from a normal email account (i.e. not my cell phone), the emails were removed from my mailbox in a somewhat timely manner (it took 20 minutes even though I have the batch set to 10) but then the post sat in the 'manage post' menu for over an hour before it actually showed up on the blog.

                      I switched back to the comoblog_batch.php that supports 3gp (the one Mark emailed me) and the same behavior occurs.  Further it appears the posts only process after I visit the 'manage posts' menu.

                      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

                        If your using mod_batch then I'd say both problems actually found like local cache/proxy issues. Are you accessing the net behind a proxy ? Have you tried shift-refresh (or ctrl-refresh, depending on your browser) after posting ?

                        Just going to 'Manage Posts' and listing the posts doesn't actually change any data in the DB so I can't see how that alone is making the post show us.

                        • straightgeek

                          straightgeek - 2006-06-06

                          I hate to keep updating this with spotty info...but I did some more long term testing and as you said it's not the going to the manage posts menu that does it.

                          it appears it takes about an hour from the time the email is pulled out of my mail and shows up in the 'manage posts' menu to the time it is actually posted on the blog itself.

                          I sent a few test posts from both my phone and a regular email and just waited, watched them delete from my mailbox, then waited and periodically cleared my browsers' cache and refreshed the blog.  sure enough just over an hour after each post was deleted from my mailbox they would show up.

                          I am not using a proxy, have tested it from 3 different workstations w/ 3 different network connections and have cleared the cache each time.

                          I wouldn't put it past something getting screwed up w/ all the tinkering I've done so I'll try a concurrent install in another subdomain and sent tests simultaneously.

                          Can you think of anything related MySQL or PHP installs (on my server) that might cause this behavior?

                          • iamdecal

                            iamdecal - 2006-06-06

                            i have a theory.... but my workstation blew up last night, so i cant check... (actually blew up - it was very impressive )

                            anyway - check the time stamp on your server vs the timestamp on the device your using to send the messages.

                            I dont think comoblog will show posts until they are "in the past" - so if the server time is an hour behind the sent time, that would make sense.



                            • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

                              I really like that theory - you are correct, if they are in the future I'm pretty sure CML doesn't show them.

                            • straightgeek

                              straightgeek - 2006-06-07

                              my server is 2 time zones behind me, so that would make sense.

                              any way around this in comoblog (can't change my server's time)?

                              • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

                                Solution 1. Fix your server timezone (not always possible)

                                Solution 2. We introduce a "timezone adjustment" parameter into the application - but this is a very major change

                                Soltuion 3. We add a "show in the future" option which would allow future-dated posts to show on the main page. This is abit of a hack though as the calendar, etc may still not work as expected

                                I've opted for 3 at the moment as it's a quick fix. Before I add the option into the admin pages can you please download the replacement include/libraries.inc.php file from the URL below, replace the one on your server and test for me ? Thanks.


                                • straightgeek

                                  straightgeek - 2006-06-07

                                  that appears to have worked.

                                  test posts I just made showed up w/in 10 minutes (I have batch set for 5 minutes) on the main page.



                                  about my mp4/avi post, should I create a feature request for that?

                                  • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

                                    Can you do me a favour and raise 2 ?

                                    1. An On/Off switch to show/hide "future" dated posts

                                    2. Have a look as I think I have a generic "multimedia investigation" RFE which you may just want to add comment too instead of raising a new one.

    • gummarith

      gummarith - 2007-10-01

      i downloaded the comoblog_batch.php from the CVS (with the 3gp support) and uploaded into the batch directory on website.....
      IT GREATLY WORKS for me also.....

      wrote this just to say: GREAT WORK peoplessss..........
      and NOW, hit the iron since it is hot, ain't the time to get a new release??


      • Mark Wallis (aka serialmonkey)

        Sure is, just need to try and find the time to lock myself away from the real world long enough to roll one out.


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