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Community-ID 1.1.0-RC2

This Release Candidate have only small changes. We are feature completed and we hope to release the final C-ID 1.1.0 in the next 2 weeks. The CHANGELOG at will provide more information what was done.

The new release can be downloaded from

We hope you enjoy this RC2
The Keyboard Monkeys

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-09-20

Community-ID 1.1.0-RC1

Community-ID 1.1.0-RC1 hit the street today. You can download the new packages from the Keyboard Monkeys development server at 7 bugs are fixed and a few new features was added. More information can be found in the changelog

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-09-07

Community-ID 1.1.0beta1

Commumity-ID 1.1.0beta1 is a major release from Community-ID. This release is for testing only and should not be used current in production.

Several new functions are included in this release and some bugs are fixed. The OpenID backend was replaced.

For more information please check the Changelog at

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-08-21

Community-ID 1.0.1 Bugfix release

This release is a bugfix release for the 1.0.0 release of C-ID. No major features was added but reported bugs are fixed

- Was throwing error when trying to authenticate to a site with a deleted user
- Messages sent by the system should have the From header set to the
config supportemail
- Registration email should be in utf8
- Users count was wrong when filtering by Confirmed or Unconfirmed users

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-07-07

Community-ID 1.0.0-RC4

This is a minor release, addressing a build error from RC3 that was halting CID. Everybody is advised to upgrade to provide continuous service to their customers

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-05-21

Community-ID 1.0.0-RC3

This new release candidate have some real improvements and we hope you will enjoy it. We received also some good feedback and patches.

Special thanks to for patch submission to:

Florian Eibeck
Piotr Baranowski

and for translations

Piotr Baranowski (Polish)
Stanley Westerveld (Dutch)

When you want help to translate C-ID to a other language you can found information in our Wiki at read more

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-05-19

Community-ID 1.0.0-RC2

This is the second release candidate from CID. This release is working since some time in production. Many changes are included in this release and also some bugs are fixed.

We had a good feedback from users and we believe that the package is stable enough that you can install it to run your own OpenID server.

Before you upgrade, please read the instructions on the C-ID homepage

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-04-21

Community-ID compatibility

Dear users,

we need your feedback. When you are willing to help us, can you please tell us:

* On which OS C-ID is running (including OS version)
* Which web server do you use to run C-ID
* Which PHP version is is confirmed
* The MySQL version you run C-ID

You can add the information directly to the forum at

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-03-28

Community-ID 1.0.0-RC1

Today the first release candidate of Community-ID hit the street. Please test this release candidate and send us feedback. As we have planned, there will be a public release of Community-ID available soon.

You can download the release as tar.gz and zip file from Sourceforge

The Keyboard Monkeys

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-03-19

Bate release from Community-ID will be released soon

We are preparing the last steps to publish a first public version of Community-ID for testing. When we will found no major showstopper, we will have the packages ready in a few days.

Posted by Reiner Jung 2009-02-02