#47 Build Guide

James Hulme

Sorry for second patch on same topic. Tried to delete first one. Forgot to upload pictures with it.
I've written a build guide, primarily for those using Eclipse, Netbeans or Gedit on Ubuntu. I wrote to just trying to make it that bit easier for anyone trying to contribute.


  • James Hulme

    James Hulme - 2010-11-11
  • Alan Horkan

    Alan Horkan - 2011-05-04

    Interesting. I just use whatever text editor is handy (occasionally I'll use vi/vim/gvim but gedit usually) and a terminal window to run and rerun Comix.

    Since you are interested in helping people who want to developer Comix further I think it is worth mentioning that Comix does not seem to have been active since 2009. (I hope Pontus is well but it is understandable that work, life, and family might get in the way of programming.)

    I've been looking at MComix and the developers have included some patches

    There also seem to be others maintaining their own branches/forks of Comix and cherry picking any good patches they find in the tracker.

    Writing a bit about using SVN tools or maintaining a personal branch in GIT might be useful. I should probably keep a branch myself too.


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