#37 4.0.4 Patch to allow extra metadata to be added to comics


This patch allows users to store extra metadata against comics. I have used the attached XSD as a standard for the comic metadata. I got this from the ComicRack application at http://comicrack.cyolito.com. Metadata added by this application should be editable in Comix once the comic is added to Comix.


  • Tom Galloway

    Tom Galloway - 2010-01-26

    XSD for comic metadata

  • Alan Horkan

    Alan Horkan - 2011-07-15


    I'd like to draw your attention to MComix which is a fork of Comix that is being actively maintained and the developer is integrating patches. (For whatever reason the developer of Comix does not seem to have been active since 2009.)

    I'm interested to read your patch.
    I note you added the functionality to the Library dialog and you use the term Metadata.

    The existing Properties dialog in the main viewer would be another great place to integrate this functionality. In both cases it would be better not to use the word Metadata if it can be presented more generically as Properties (it would be better to try and be consistent with how other programs present this sort of information, consider how Office programs present this kind of thing.) Most programs will not use the technical term Metadata if they can avoid it, usually only when getting into details like differrent types of metadata like EXIF or XMP.

    If the library and metadata are of interest to you then I should also mention Gnome Comics Organizer
    If the library feature of Comix was more separate and something like GCO could be used instead it would be great, or even if something like GCO could open the relevant comics in Comix.


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