#26 Rotate page arbitrary angle


I don't know how widespread the practice is, but
various comics I read (Cerebus would be a good
example) sometimes have the images and text at various
odd angles around the page. Being able to rotate the
page at an arbitrary angle, perhaps by grabbing and
dragging, would make it much easier to read these comics.

This is probably a major change for a practice that is
not used in the majority of comics but I'm curious
about your thoughts on this.


  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2006-03-07
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  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2006-03-07

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    You are right about the major change, but it is an
    interesting feature that is well worth looking into. I don't
    know if it can be done "live" with full quality since it
    would be very CPU intensive, perhaps with a timer that only
    allows updates after a certain interval much like the
    magnifying lens works.

    I'll see if I can make something useful of it, PIL supports
    arbitrary rotations at least.

  • Peter Cordes

    Peter Cordes - 2009-02-25

    doing it "live" would probably only be feasible with openGL.

    But there's no reason you couldn't do it like the magnifier.

    (not volunteering. I don't need this feature... :( )


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