#25 Keyboard accelerators jump to page edges


When not using fit-to-screen mode (for me, this is
usually in full-screen mode) and having pages that are
larger than the full screen, it would be nice to have
keyboard accelerators that would jump to the page
edges. So, for instance, start by default in the upper
left, ctrl-right-arrow jumps to upper right,
ctrl-down-arrow to bottom of page, ctrl-left-arrow to
lower left. The actual keystrokes would come from the
Gnome HIG or whatever equivalent KDE has.

Alternately, have these keystrokes be a percentage of
the visible page so someone with lower resolution would
jump, say, a quarter page down but someone with higher
res would jump to the bottom.


  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2006-03-07

    Logged In: YES

    Actually you can do this already with the numpad.

    1 takes you to the bottom left corner.
    2 to the bottom centre.
    3 to the bottom right corner.
    and so on...

    It is completely undocumented (except for an entry in the
    changelog), I really should create some sort of help/info

    I don't think the HIG has anything to say about these keys,
    not that I can find at least. A little straying from the HIG
    can be healthy some times as well. :-)

  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2006-03-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> herrekberg
  • Jose M. daLuz

    Jose M. daLuz - 2006-03-07

    Logged In: YES

    Talk about good turnaround time -- ask for something and
    find it's already there ;-)

  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2006-03-07

    Logged In: YES


  • Pontus Ekberg

    Pontus Ekberg - 2006-03-07
    • status: open --> closed

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