#143 Add more command line options


I would like to have the command line options to choose the modes (manga mode and double page) and zoom options (best,width and height) .
This are very simple changes and very easy to implement (I've already have done it myself) but I think that it will be useful for some people.

I'm attaching the changes I've done.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    patches for main.py and comix.py

  • Alan Horkan

    Alan Horkan - 2011-04-22

    Anonymous report so not much chance of getting feedback but I'll ask anyway on the chance I might get a reponse (... any reponse, from anyone interested in more command line arguements).

    I'm considering adding similar command line options like to MComix (a fork of Comix). As this report is over a year old I'm interested to know:
    Are you happy with your patch or if you revised it further?
    Were there any features you use more than others?

    -m, --manga_mode
    Manga mode seems the most useful of all the options. Before opening a file you would likely know it was manga, and would want to change the mode for a while without really wanting to change the defaults.

    Reviewing the patch I wonder about the choice of command line arguement names and if you use the long names at all. Usability is important on the command line too, and having underscores in the names seems unusual and possible more awkward to type than using a dash. Just "manga" might make a more memorable easy to guess command line argument, I think it would be pretty safe to drop mode from the name.

    Any suggestions?
    Anything other ideas?
    (I've already added a --version option)

  • Pep

    Pep - 2011-06-17

    Hi I'm the original submiter, I guess it's a little late to answer, but after some months without response I didn't check the request anymore.

    Your changes are fine, and no I don't really use the long names.
    Overall I use -m the most, and some fit options as well.

  • Alan Horkan

    Alan Horkan - 2011-07-15

    MComix 0.92 is out and includes the changes I hope you'll give it a try. Added feedback to their bug tracker if you've any issues.

    Short names are great if you can remember them. When it comes to long names for command line arguments it helps if they are consistent, guessable and memorable. (If writing scripts I'd use the long names if possible to make it clearer to anyone else who might have to read and try to understand the script later.)


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