#125 Animate GIF images


I think it would be nice to have gif images animated (perhaps an option to do it at all, or number of loops) within the viewer.

I recently migrated from windows, and love Comix. Windows lost GIF support somehow with vista, and the only viewer that would play them right was Firefox. There are other linux programs that will play them, but Firefox still does it better. I tend to open all the gifs in an archive in firefox so I can view the animations if there are any. It would be nice to be able to just see them in Comix. Eventually I'll try to look into coding the feature myself, but I haven't done much programming with image libraries.


  • Nathaniel Moseley

    • summary: Animage GIF images --> Animate GIF images
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Finished this a bit ago and put in a patch, so nevermind.

  • Nathaniel Moseley

    Should have signed in to post that. ><

  • Nathaniel Moseley

    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Nathaniel Moseley

    Maybe I can change the Resolution stuff. :O New to the sourceforge thing.


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