leon wolfe - 2011-02-13

First I use Python v2.6 to be able to run Wrye Bash for the game Oblivion.It came with a couple of python goodies automatically(I don't remember all of them).I downloaded and installed the PyGTK,and the PIL.When I click on the python install that comes with the Comix 4.0.4 I get a quick flash of the command window and then nothing.I experienced this before when setting up Wrye Bash but those issues stemmed from having Oblivion installed in the Program Files(x86).The only thing I didn't put in was the pysqlite,not sure if that comes with Python v2.6,andthe link to the download page is in German and translated says that the page isn't found.I made sure to DL the parts I didn't have for the Python ver. I have where the choice was given.I extracted the initial .rar to a folder on my desktop,then tried running the install.py.I do not have the sudo so is that what I'm missing?