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  • chtr

    chtr - 2006-12-02


    first I have to say, Comix is a really great comic-book reader (imho the best out there). I have only one problem with it (using it with Ubuntu 6.10). It seems to order the pages in a non-standard way. For exymple, when I have two files, page-00.jpg (1) and page-00a.jpg (2), normally (1) is shown before (2). In Comix, the order is reversed. The same is true for names like Cover.jpg (3) and Covera.jpg (4) where Comix shows (4) before (3). This breaks up a lot of available comics.

    Is there a way around this or this this a problem only I have?

    • Pontus Ekberg

      Pontus Ekberg - 2007-03-06

      Well, the standard way of sorting filenames on your computer is, for an example, "Covera.jpg" before "Cover.jpg". This is determined by your locale settings. You can use the `locale`command to view those settings. The problem is that some programs don't care about those settings and display files in the wrong order (like Nautilus), and that some (or most) people assume that files they name on their Windows systems will appear in the exact same order on other people's systems. This will, as you have experienced, make users confused on why the ordering is at it is. A more correct way to name files would be something like "001_cover.jpg", "002_cover.jpg", "003.jpg" and so on. That way the files will get the same ordering regardless of locale settings.

      I have been a bit stubborn when it comes to sticking to the standard way of sorting files, even though I know it messes up some comic book archives with badly named files. Perhaps I will give in sometime and let Comix disregard locale settings, but I won't promise anything. :-)


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