Uriziel - 2010-07-20

I've sent a mail to herrekberg while ago but I guess he doesn't check it too often so I'll post it here hoping he'll notice it faster :)

First of all I'd like to thanks for developing comix as there are no good online manga readers around : ).
The second and the main issue of this mail is about scrolling. 'Space' scrolling is different, and some ppl might like it, though I'd prefer some more precise and smooth way. I'm used to using scroll button on my mouse in browser. At the moment zoom function is bound on this button, its really handy but imo binding it to the right mouse button would be better idea as its easier to click and more frequently used function than menu, which, on the right button is completly useless during normal manga reading session. Moveing by left mouse button coulb be alsmost as good as useing the-browser-like-scroll-buton-navigator but
1) You can skip pages with with just moveing mouse pointer
2) You've got to constantly click and release it
Its somehow unconvienient.
Another problem is skipping to the next page. It literaly jumps to the next one. IMO it breakes your focus and make you less able to relax while reading. It would be really great if 3 pages were preloaded (previous, current and the next one) and you were able to smothly scroll down all the time and the different pages were separated by a narrow black space or something. Its somehow dificult to explain this kind of behaiviour but you might test it yourself and see how nice it is by using some online manga reader (I'd advice MangaToshokan.com but should work with any other as well) and AutoPager addon (its made for Firefox, almost sure there's one for Chrome as wel). Pages are preloaded and all you have to do is just scroll down, you can see what happend before just by scrolling up, the reading is very smooth. If you can't or don't want to try it for some reason I can provide you some screenshots in next mail.
I'm almost sure there are things I wanted to tell you about but forgot so this would be all ATM :).
Looking forward to reply from you