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comix only works in fullscreen

Jeff Yu
  • Jeff Yu

    Jeff Yu - 2009-07-07

    For some reason, comix only works in fullscreen.  Originally, it was working properly and I had it set to fullscreen by default.  Now, if I exit full screen, the menu, toolbar, image, etc are not there, as if the program is not running at all.  However, comix still seems to be running because I can hit 'f' to return to fullscreen and the image will show up again.  This is in comix 4.0.1 in ubuntu, although I also tried comix 4.0.4.  I have python 2.6, python gtk 2.14, python image library 1.1.6 installed.  Any ideas what happened?

    • Jeff Yu

      Jeff Yu - 2009-07-08

      I figured out my problem.  Somehow, the place window option in compizconfig settings was placing the window at -32767 x -32767.  Once I disabled this, everything is back to normal.


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