Windows version (v4.0.4)

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  • Mikael Turøy

    Mikael Turøy - 2010-07-24

    Sorry, forgot those files were on that server.

    Anyway, still had a local copy, re-uploaded the installer.

  • mercifulhop

    mercifulhop - 2010-07-25

    Thanks a lot for that!

    It works like a charm! :D

  • franticfred5

    franticfred5 - 2010-07-28

    aargh! seems like I didn't search the web thoroughly enough before going ahead and getting comix to work on win on my own :(
    Anyhow if anybody is interested in the manual work to make the thing run under windows here's my blog
    It lack all this py2exe classy stuff but still it works :D

  • Mikael Turøy

    Mikael Turøy - 2012-06-25

    Heh, just noticed that my new VPS get some 404 links from this thread…

    Sorry about that.. Completely forgot that the old VPS was still hosting that file.

    I managed to find a copy of the installer, and put it up at Dropbox if anyone is still interested in it.

  • piezombi3

    piezombi3 - 2014-01-22

    Just found this thread after turning my desktop back into a windows box for games, any chance you could put up fresh links for the installer?

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