win32 support

  • kriztofo

    kriztofo - 2006-03-18

    Comix on WinXP would be great.

    I'm very novice when it comes to programming, but comix 2.9 does run somewhat on windows once I installed the glib and gtk+ packages from and python and the needed python packages (pygtk, pycairo, Pil). I also had to change every instance of os.environ["HOME"] to os.environ["HOMEPATH"].

    I haven't tested it thoroughly yet, but opening a directory of images and a gzipd tar worked. The other features seemed to work as well, however the preferences don't appear to be saved (though a comixrc file is in the HOMEPATH\.comix\ directory) and scrolling with the mouse wheel only works when the pointer is over the scrollbar, but this might be a gtk+ on windows bug, I don't know.

    Any interest in supporting comix on windows?

    • Pontus Ekberg

      Pontus Ekberg - 2006-03-20

      Hi kriztofo.

      Fun to hear about Comix running (somewhat) on Windows, I didn't even know all the dependencies were available.

      It would surely be nice to have it run "natively" on Windows, but I don't know if I can support it really. First off, there is quite a bit of UNIX-specific code, nothing that would be impossible to change, but it would take it's fair share of time. More importantly, I don't work in Windows, and developing for one platform while using another can be quite frustrating. A big part of the development time is spent testing: change some small thing, test, test, test, doh it ate all my files! Well, perhaps not really that bad, but anyway, because of the relatively big differences between *nix and Windows I would probably have to test everything on both.

      I'm not saying that it won't happen, but at least not now, perhaps when I get a little more free time on my hands.


    • kriztofo

      kriztofo - 2006-03-21

      Well I am toying with getting Comix to run smoothly on Windows in my free time. If I'm ever successful I'll let you know.

      I got rars to open today but still no luck with zips (just a path issue I think)

    • Pontus Ekberg

      Pontus Ekberg - 2006-03-23

      There are some things that easily could be changed to make it more easily portable, like using os.path.join() instead of a bunch of str + '/' + str  for paths, I'll try to keep things like that in mind from now on.

      And I pity you for having to read that Comix code, it's not pretty. ;-) I have cleaned up the entire code base for the coming 3.0 release so that it more or less conforms to common Python coding guidelines, hopefully that will be more readable.

    • Bugs Fly

      Bugs Fly - 2006-04-01

      Since comix use gconf, I guess you either need to find a gconf windows port or wrap gconf codes in comix with configParser module?

      • Pontus Ekberg

        Pontus Ekberg - 2006-04-01

        Actually gconf is not required, it is only used to register the Nautilus thumbnailer. Since Windows users don't run Nautilus it won't be used for anything there.

    • David Kremer

      David Kremer - 2008-05-09

      Hello, I am very intersted by make comix more portable. Do you accept patchs in this order ?


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