Feature request: Page Divider

  • ComixFan

    ComixFan - 2009-03-13

    Good Afternoon.

    Here's how the idea would work.
    You would use it to divide images into sub-images.

    You would choose "page divider" and it would place a vertical or horizontal line across the entire image. Using the mouse(or the keyboard with keys that "move divider 1/5/10/100 pixels in either direction), you could adjust the placement of the divider.

    For example, you take a large image (like a double page image) and place a vertical line down the middle. Then, the left and right image would be treated as separate pages.

    This would great for manga or comics with double pages.
    In manga mode, it would read the images from  right-to-left top-to-bottom.

    If you want to get fancy (not necessary, but would be nice), you could tilt or skew the line.


    • ComixFan

      ComixFan - 2009-05-01

      anyone??? I would really like to hear some feedback.

    • Druggo Yang

      Druggo Yang - 2009-07-31

      That's cool! I really need this, I always got some double pages image, I want a half page view: set the size to fit the screen with half of the image( vertical split) in my case, start from right-top then press a key scroll to right-bottom, then left-top -> left-bottom, then next image and so on.

    • Kino Adell

      Kino Adell - 2009-08-06

      Sorry, but I don't see the point.
      1. You would have to do this for each and every comic you want to read
      2. The pages are not exactly formatted, so you put the place in the first one, and the following don't adjust correctly.
      3. In most cases there are actual double pages that you have to read that way, then you should have to disable it?

      Don't know, but the 2 point is a real stopper in my opinion.


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