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  • Nick

    Nick - 2008-01-02

    Hi, first thank you for this great software !

    I really enjoy using Comix, it's fast, nice and can handle compressed Comics, all what I need.

    I have some suggestions, that could enhance it further:

    1. I use systematically the auto-contrast feature for my comics ("J" shortkey, then "automatically adjust contrast"). So everytime I open comix I have to set the option on. Couldn't this become a permanent setting like others in preferences ?

    2.1 At startup I also open everytime my library to select any comics from the list. I think that could be fun/nice/pleasant to be able to define the start page as "Open libray" (like "Open last comics").

    2.2 The "start fullscreen" preference setting should also be applied on the library listing, to get rid of the window decoration. The result would be like a nice shelving presenting your comics !

    2.3 If we could also define "center comics in library view" that would be even better

    2.4 Maybe suppress the scrollbar on the right ? One could use simple arrow icons just to show you could scroll up and/or down

    2.5 Make bottom "status/info bar" more simple/black

    Here a "tweaked" screenshot of the result:

    3. These one looks a little more complicated. It's about managing multiple libraries. To speedup display of the library when you have many comics, you could classify them by themes (But this would require to handle a list of library, adding, deleting items, defining the start page at "last opened library" or by selecting one, ....).

    Hope these remarks are useful/interesting.

    Regards !

    Note: I translate menu items from french, so they could be different in fact.

    • Nathan T. Wild

      Nathan T. Wild - 2008-09-13

      These sound like excellent suggestions.  While I am a huge fan of Comix, and would continue to use it even if it never changed at all, there are a few things that I think would be nice as well:

      1) AutoConvert:  I like to maintain all of my files in CBZ format (to avoid being bound to proprietary RAR stuff).  It would save me a huge amount of time if there was an auto-convert option which prompted to convert to my designated format upon loading.
      2) Bulk Conversion: Similarly, it would be nice to be able to point Comix at a folder full of CBRs and have it convert them to the user's preferred format (in my case CBZ).
      3) More functional library: I don't really use the Library much currently, but I probably would if there was a way to navigate it in some sort of hierarchical order.  Have one huge screen with hundreds of thumbnails is not terribly useful.  The search function is great and fast for looking something up, but sometimes, I just want to browse.

      All in all, Comix is a truly stellar peice of software.  It does exactly what it is intended to to expertly and elegantly and I really love it.

      p.s.  I am also secretly tickled that it doesn't run under Windows - as I don't think anyone else should be either :)

    • Francois

      Francois - 2009-01-15

      Hi every one.

      First of all, thank you for your great work.
      Comix is THE Comic Book Reader I was looking for since I left windows and its CDisplay program.

      Here are some suggestions:

      - I agree with Nick and its 1) and 2.1) suggestions

      - I was using the 3.6.4 version (the default one in the package database) and I get the 4.0.2 release to improve the library tool, which is now really better.

      However, the "import comix recursively" checkbox disappeared. It is not a big lost, but it was useful when we get a new set of comics. I hope it came back soon.

      The "clean database" button also disappeared. It was useful in case of big change in the file tree (renaming...). It would be great to also be able to set some "uncleanable-unless-confirmation" folder (the /media one, for example)

      The Info Box is also better, as the name is shrunken, and the window keep its original size. However, we can't see the file name anymore (especially the relevant part: the number of the archive, usually in the middle of the archive's name). Good news (?), I manage to fix that by adding a ToolTip to the _filelabel_ and _dirlabel_ of the _ControlArea (see lower).
      My suggestion is to add such a box to the Book picture, to get the full name (not path) of each one, when the cursor stay over the picture / the picture get selected (with the arrows) [and after a short delay]. I quickly try, but not success :(

      I hope I didn't ask for something I didn't see in comix,
      and that you'll continue this amazing work.



      Follow my updateinfo() method of the _ControlArea class, the >> pointing to the extra lines:

      def update_info(self, selected):
              """Update the info box using the currently <selected> books from
              the _BookArea.
              if selected:
                  book = self._library.book_area.get_book_at_path(selected[0])
                  name = self._library.backend.get_book_name(book)
                  dir_path = os.path.dirname(
                  format = self._library.backend.get_book_format(book)
                  pages = self._library.backend.get_book_pages(book)
                  size = self._library.backend.get_book_size(book)
                  name = dir_path = format = pages = size = None
              if len(selected) == 1:
              if name is not None:
      >>       self._namelabel.set_tooltip_text(_(name))
      >>       self._namelabel.set_tooltip_text(None)
              if pages is not None:
                  self._pageslabel.set_text(_('%d pages') % pages)
              if format is not None and size is not None:
                  self._filelabel.set_text('%s, %s' % (archive.get_name(format),
                      '%.1f MiB' % (size / 1048576.0)))
              if dir_path is not None:
      >>       self._dirlabel.set_tooltip_text(dir_path)
      >>       self._dirlabel.set_tooltip_text(None)

    • brenze

      brenze - 2009-02-02


      I agree with François, a way to add comics recursively (from the subdirectories) to the library would be great.
      Another suggestion for an improvement (in my case :p), would be, in the archive editor, to be able to rename a file. Otherwise, to be able to edit an archive directly from the library would be great too (for example after loading comics, it d allow to rename the cover to display it correctly in the library).

      Anyway, i just migrated from 3.6 to 4.0.2 and it's a great piece of software, so thx a lot for your work on this Pontus :).

    • talz13

      talz13 - 2009-03-22

      I have a simple request: let the backspace key move back a page.  That's how most of my other image viewers / browsers / etc. work, and it's kind of annoying having one program that has a different key (or, not being able to remap the keys).

      Other than that tiny issue, comix looks pretty awesome!

    • talz13

      talz13 - 2009-03-22

      Oh, one other thing!

      It really needs to support moving to the next FOLDER as it does with moving to the next ARCHIVE.  Most of my stuff is in folders from wgetting them from the web, so it would really be extra work to archive each one (there's about 20-30 a week, every week) just so the viewer can step through them.  I grew accustomed to this behavior with the hamana image viewer, and it really worked well!


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