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Go to/archives and I bug I think.

  • Evilakos

    Evilakos - 2009-01-21

    I am wondering about some features.You know on 3.6.4 we had the "Go To" feature and now we have not.Another feature/bug (or something anyway) was that if there was a compressed archive and then one more compressed archive inside the Comix read it but now it can't.. :/ Thats the two things I spoted and miss..
    BUG: Pressed or not Pressed Comix has always shared "Open Recent List"..That happens at least on me..The invert does appear (meaning if you open something with comix goes on "Open Recent list" of *eog*.
    *eog = Eye Of Gnome (Default Image Viewer on Gnome.)
    P.S No feedback from terminal on any of those things..

    • Pontus Ekberg

      Pontus Ekberg - 2009-01-25


      the "Go to"-action was removed for version 4 because it was deemed not very usable. If it is missed (as it apparently is by you) I will consider re-adding it later. You could always just click the image you want to view in the thumbnail sidebar to go directly there.

      Support for archives-in-archives was also dropped for version 4, because it is a rather strange construct to begin with. I can understand that it can be missed if you already have a lot of such archives though. The best alternative is to make archives with sub-directories in them instead of other archives.

      As for the bug, it probably is not a bug at all. Comix will always *read* the recent files list and display it, but will only *add* items of its own to it when the corresponding preference is set.

    • Evilakos

      Evilakos - 2009-01-27

      Basicaly its ok not to have "Go to" I wasn't really using it that much(it helped me sometimes though.)..
      The archives-in-archives was really useful I think but anyway I can leave without it too(I updated my pyRenamer and it can rename directories now.)..
      About the recent files thought I like better having its own..maybe you can make an option in the next release?.


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