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#1 Transparent background



Great widget for Symbian S60. Thanks.

Could you add a transparent background in a future release? Like widget shipped with the OS.


  • Michael Prager

    Michael Prager - 2009-11-10

    I'd be pleased to do so, but it is a technical limitation by Nokia. They don't allow transparent backgrounds for WRT (web based) widgets. The widgets you mentioned are native symbian applications, which on the other hand have different limitations (for example, they can only show 3 lines of text at max on the homescreen). I'm investigating a rewrite of this widget as native symbian app. On the one side, this would allow solving the remaining bugs because of nokias faulty API and it would allow transparent background. On the other hand, it would limit the layout and display to one of 4 predefined layouts:

    That would mean: no more icons, no alignment of text and only 3 rows of events at max.

  • JonathanD131

    JonathanD131 - 2009-12-01

    Ok, you're explanation are clear. Transparent background would be nice but with only 3 lines of text, there is less info displayed which is the same bad point as the default agenda widget.

    But if you switch to native symbian app, you probably could fix bugs like handling todo status to not display them, ...

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    Anonymous - 2009-12-07

    I disagree about the original calendar widget compared to Coming Next. The original doesn't display upcoming events, only what is happening today. I would be OK with a native Symbian app with transparent background and only 3 lines of text as long as it was the next 3 events (or those due today). The alignment and icons would be a bit of a step back.

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    Anonymous - 2009-12-08


    Is there any way you could use the SystemInfo API ( to get the current wallpaper and then load background images based on that? It would still mean the user would need to create the background images but they would only need to do it once and then the background image would dynamically update as the wallpaper/theme changed. This would be better than reinstalling the widget every time you change it.

  • Michael Prager

    Michael Prager - 2010-01-24
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  • Michael Prager

    Michael Prager - 2010-01-24

    It is indeed possible to get read the current wallpaper path from systeminfo api. However it is not possible to access the current skin/theme graphics.

    I'm currently investigating the possibility of using a native application to grab the current wallpaper and skin to generate the needed background images. You can give it a try here:

    The next step would be rewrite this as a ApiBridge plugin so that the code could directly be used in the WRT widget without the need for a separate application. I could not find much info on how to write an ApiBridge plugin though.

  • Mladen Perišić

    Hello Michael!

    I'm big fan of ComingNext widget. I'm also interested in this feature request. I'm using N8 with Nokia Belle (updated via Nokia Suite, so it's official version). I'm also using the latest version of ComingNext - 1.36 and the latest version off skin fetcher.

    I can confirm that even with skin fetcher, I can not get transparent background. I set 'Use background image' to true and I set location to external, but the background is still black. Skin fetcher generated images properly on C: drive (I'm not sure is it C:\Data or C:\ - since I'm not seeing 'Data' folder in my C: drive, I created one and copied generated images also, but still not working).

    Also, In skin fetcher, I can only generate background images for 6 positions, but in Belle there is much more vertical positions for widgets.

    If I can help you somehow, please let me know.

    Best regards,

  • Mladen Perišić

    Hello... Me, again!

    First of all, C:\data really exist. It's just that default Nokia file manager automatically open that folder on C: and I did not know that... So, this was my mistake. Sorry :)
    2nd - Background images are working only after reboot. Every time I change wallpaper I need to run it again (which is normal) to generate new images and then I need to reboot the phone to allow widget to load it.

    Unfortunately, I still don't know are positions for created background images correct... It needs some time experimenting. I'll try this later and let you know.

  • Michael Prager

    Michael Prager - 2012-02-17

    Yes the widget background does not always update as fast as desired. Usually it is sufficient to wait a few minutes or to open and close the widget though.

    As for the homescreen positions: the skin fetcher app was designed for Symbian Anna and previous versions where only 6 different positions were possible. This has changed with the latest update, it is not yet possible to get accurate background images for Belle devices.


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