#2 Export to portable device


Since there is a single image extract, would it be
possible to get a type of "Extract to portable device"

Usage example:
-Load a cbz/cbr
-choose "Export to portable device"
(type of device is chosen.. possibly a drop down for
the device, possibly just the attributes)
-I personally, would choose PSP; restrict width to
472x2 (double width, for zooming if need be); high quality
-Then export to <choose folder>/nameofcomicfile/xxx.jpg

Quick points:
*If there are "profiles"; there should be the ability
to modify/create
*Should be able to output as origional type, or convert
to png/jpg/gif/etc

The main reason, of course, is that I have a bunch of
great comics, but currently to read them on the psp
means extracting the files, resizing them manually and
possibly converting png to jpg, then copying them over
to the memory stick over usb.. The settings pretty much
always stay the same, and it's a pain :)

*Note: I have submitted this idea also to the Comix
project, but I think it's a good enough idea to be
widespread. Thanks


  • Guido

    Guido - 2006-05-24
    • labels: --> Interface Improvements
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Guido

    Guido - 2006-05-24

    Logged In: YES

    Sounds like a great idea to be implemented as a plugin.

    To be able to export/import single/multiple images from/to
    an archive was planned anyways to be able to add possibly
    appearing alternate covers or replace bad images.

    Converting to different formats currently sounds like a
    challenge for me. No idea how to do it, I probably will make
    use of the imagemagick libs, which I never used before. This
    means: Will take some time, but probably more in the range
    of weeks and not month :-)

    But one personal question: I have a 19" monitor and still
    have to double the image size to be able to read some texts.
    Is it really possible to read comics on the PSP?

  • JackandJohn

    JackandJohn - 2006-05-24

    Logged In: YES

    plugin would be a perfect idea for implementing this,
    allowing for alot of flexibility without sacrificing the core.

    for converting: since you are having to look at it from
    scratch anyways, it might be a good idea to look at
    converting dimensions before converting format itself. It
    looks alot easier in my limited view.

    In terms of the screen itself: As long as the method for
    resizing is good (bicubic, for example); the screen quality
    is more than good enough; it may be 472 pixels wide, but you
    cannot see the separation of the pixels once you are more
    than 2 inches away; it's far clearer at 10 inches than my
    27" tv is at 6 feet.

    -Sometimes, the resize makes tiny text hard to read, which
    is why resize to 472x2 width - to allow for zoom.

    I sucessfully read the Bone series at only 472 with no
    problems: it was a pita to convert properly though :)

  • Guido

    Guido - 2007-07-29

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Ok, took me some time. I now added a first, very preliminary version of such an export feature.
    Currently it is not very comfortable, but this might change depending on the feedback I get.

    The export feature allows:
    1. To open an archive.
    2. To define the target width separate for landscape and portrait images.
    3. Choosing a folder to export the images to.
    4. Box offers a couple of formats the program can write, e.g. png, jpg, tif, bmp. No gif.

    That's all. Just select above parameters and press 'export'.

  • Guido

    Guido - 2007-07-29
    • status: open --> closed
  • Guido

    Guido - 2007-07-30

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Finally finished. No profiles, but the program remembers all last settings.
    So if one does not want to export to a different device each time, the
    export should be a one-click event.


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