#3 Patch to RAR loading, menubar in full screen mode and double


Hi, folks,
this patch solves three things at once. I know it's a
bad practice, but I was a bit lazy to separate the
little patchlets to more files, esp. with public CVS
malfunctioning most of the time

  • fix for loading of RAR files. For some reason, on my
    system (Debian unstable) the compiler wants to use wide
    char version of string operations when opening a
    CBR/RAR file. First, it does not compile (wchar_t* vs.
    wxChar mismatch) and second, if crudely casted, it does
    not open the file. Might be just problem of my setup.
    More info on packages etc. on request.

Commenting it all out was the easiest thing to do, but
it might break things on other systems, so use it just
if you need it.

  • hide menubar when in full screen mode. I get some
    messages "unable to resize page", but it works

  • turn pages on left mouse button double click. if you
    doubleclick in the left side of the canvas, it turns
    to previous page, on the right side to the next one. I
    kinda liked this feature in CDisplay.

Enjoy, Ed


  • James Athey

    James Athey - 2006-02-23

    Logged In: YES

    I'll look at these. Please, in the future, fight with
    public CVS. The current sources are dramatically different
    from the last release and applying patches made against the
    last release is basically impossible.

  • James Athey

    James Athey - 2006-03-07

    Logged In: YES

    wait, where's the actual attachment patch? I don't see it here.

    Anyway, I just implemented turn page on double click in CVS.


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