#12 Support for 7z


It would be great if you could add support for 7z
(7-zip.org), because the compression-ratio is currently
the best out there. Its also free (you can get the
source at the page mentioned before) and with the
documentation available it shouldn't be that hard to
integrate it.

The new archive name could be "*.cb7".

Thanks for your great work!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I don't think this is reasonable. Nobody uses 7z for comic
    books, so the only way you could use them would be to make
    them yourself. Thus the audience for this feature is so
    small it's not worthwhile to implement and increase the
    filesize of the code/binary. Also, the gains in 7z
    compression are infinitesimal when compressing already
    compressed data (e.g. jpegs). But it is not up to me, it is
    up to Lightstruk if he wants to implement such a feature. :)

    • Steven S
  • James Athey

    James Athey - 2007-09-07

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    I am definitely looking at 7-Zip. I already evaluated tar.gz and tar.bz2, but GZip does not offer any gains and BZip2 is really, really slow compared to ZIP. 7-Zip, on the other hand, may be faster than RAR, and has the advantage of being 100% Free.


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