#4 Comical crashes with big images.


When trying to open a big jpg file (55megs, 31129 x
28957 pixels), Comical crashes. It also shows "Comical
error" "Failed to extract page 0" with further
complaining about corrupted JPEG file.
I do know that the file isn't corrupt as it loads
properly in CDisplay (though I can't zoom to >15% so I
can't read anything)


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I can load a 9372 x 9372 pixel image in Comical without
    crashing, though it takes forever to load. It seems kind of
    unreasonable to load such a big image in a comic book
    viewer, but it still shouldn't crash.

  • Robert de Bath

    Robert de Bath - 2007-07-24

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    Do you have a URL for this image ?

    Comical 0.8 needs the equlivant of enough virtual memory for the entire archive/directory to be converted into BMP files, I expect later versions will need less.

    Try making sure you have at least 4 Gigabytes of swap space and boot windows with the /3G flag (or use 64 bit) and you may have enough available memory.

    BTW I expect you can't zoom past 15% because CDisplay uses a line based resizer but still needs to allocate enough memory for the entire resized image, increasing the swap space may help here too.

    OTOH chop the jpeg up into pages.


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