#6 hub4com connection data garbaged


I've recently discovered com0com and I think it's great stuff! I've been trying to figure out how I can use it best. I been handed a recent challenge that I think it can solve but beleive I'm having configuration issues:

I have two apps that speak to each other through REAL COM ports: COM1,1200,7,E,1,=>APP1=>9600,8,N,1=>COM3
COM3 is physically looped back to COM6,9600,8,n,1=>APP2 on the same machine via a USB>Serial Conerter.

I need to monitor the input AND output of APP1 so I thought I would use hub4com for that. I tested it using a setup similar to what is in the readme.txt file:

1. With the com0com's Setup Command Prompt create COM5<->CNCB0 and
COM6<->CNCB1 virtual COM port pairs (see com0com's ReadMe.txt for
more info). For example:

command> install 0 PortName=COM5 -
command> install 1 PortName=COM6 -

2. Start the hub4com.exe on COM1, CNCB0 and CNCB1 ports:

hub4com \\.\COM1 \\.\CNCB0 \\.\CNCB1

It will send data received from COM1 port to CNCB0 and CNCB1 ports
and it will send data received from CNCB0 port to COM1 port.

The connections themselves seem to work OK but the data comes across as garbage. I also tried using com2tcp to redirect a REAL port into hub4com with the same result.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


  • Vyacheslav Frolov

    Set params of REAL COM port. For example:

    hub4com --baud=1200 --data=7 --parity=e --stop=1 \\.\COM1 \\.\CNCB0 \\.\CNCB1

    For more info enter:

    hub4com --help=serial

    Alternatively, hub4com can get those params from your application. For example:

    hub4com --create-filter=escparse --add-filters=1:escparse --create-filter=linectl --add-filters=0:linectl \\.\COM1 \\.\CNCB0 \\.\CNCB1

    For more info enter:

    hub4com.exe --help=linectl

  • Vyacheslav Frolov

    • status: open --> pending
  • Keith McCollum

    Keith McCollum - 2009-04-17

    Thanks for the quick response. Sometimes the help files on these programs seem a bit like greek since I'm not a programmer my self. Your solution worked perfect and I was able to get the logging running just fine!

    Thanks Again!

  • Keith McCollum

    Keith McCollum - 2009-04-17
    • status: pending --> open
  • Vyacheslav Frolov

    • status: open --> closed

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