#6 com2tcp patches for NTLM auth, Microsoft Telnet Server compatibility and Monitoring of sessions

Unstable (example)

I wanted to attach a serial Terminal to a Microsoft Telnet Server session, so I used com2tcp for it. However I needed to make a few enhancements for this to work nicely:

  • Added ESC handling for Windows Terminal Server:
    Whenever a user pushes ESC on the terminal, this gets interpreted as a start of
    an Escape-Sequence, not as pushing of an ESC-Key (which i.e. can be used to
    clear the commandline). Therefore my patch waits a bit after ESC is sent
    and checks if there are moe chars so that it should be interpreted as an
    ESC-sequence, or if there is nothing following so that it can me interprted
    as pushing the ESC-Key.
  • Added monitoring function for Telnet-sessions
    This makes it possible that you can watch the session with the server in a
    seperate console window and can also interfere with the connection, if you
  • Added option for ECHO-Negotiation
    You can define that your Terinal insists on local echo so that com2tcp
    tells the server to not echo. However this setting has no effect on the
    Microsoft Terminal Server, it just ignores this setting, therefore, this is
    only useful for other Temrinal servers that support this.
  • Made Logging optional
    Display of 0xFF commands during Telnet negotation is now optional
  • Implemented NTLM auth
    This allows the current user of com2tcp to use its credentials to sign
    in to the telnet server automatically. This feature for instance is also
    used by the Microsoft telnet client to sign you in automatically, if you
    do "telnet localhost". Pretty useful, if you don't want to logon to the
    telnet server from the terminal, but directly use the shell remotely.

Hopefully these are useful enhancments for those who want to interact with their Windows machine via a serial terminal, which is quite easy on Linux, but not really on windows (haven't found anything decent for Windows, not even with Cygwin where serial stuff via agetty is mostly broken).


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