Sergi Molina - 2014-01-10

Hi everyone,

Maybe someone could help me to solve this problem:

I have a PC Program comunicating non-stop ,through a real com port (COM1), to a climatic chamber. The PC sends queries and the chamber answer. For the project I'm developing now, I would like to take all the bytes coming from the chamber, without stopping the PC-Chamber comunication in any moment, so i decided that using com0com and hub4com would be a good solution to do that.
I started creating two virtual port pairs COM10-CNCB0 and COM11-CNCB1, and then I connected the PC program to COM10 instead to COM1. After that, with hub4com help I created this configuration showed below trying to achieve my original puropose:

     PC Program---<>---COM10—CNCB0---<>---|  hub4com --octs=off \\.\COM1 \\.\CNCB0 \\.\CNCB1

As you can see I would like to connect my software to COM11 to read all the data coming from COM1 but unfortunately while in COM10-CNCB0 path all works fine with the installed PC program, in the second virtual port CNCB1, the information appears messy or cut way, and i don't know why.

Any idea why this is happening?

Thanks in advance