Variant Editing

  • Kevin Worth

    Kevin Worth - 2007-06-06

    I'm trying to make some changes to variants but none of my changes are picked up.  It always loads the same tree/map.  Does changing the xml files no longer work to change the variant?

    • Dranathi

      Dranathi - 2007-06-12

      If you're changing an internal Variant that comes with the public build, then Yes, changing the XML should work if you rebuild the package.  If external, then there is a bug the switches you back to the "Default" Variant unless your variant is in the exact correct spot on your filesystem.

      I'm testing a fix for that bug right now, so stay tuned!

    • Kevin Worth

      Kevin Worth - 2007-06-12

      Exact correct spot in the filesystem.  That was it.
      The current zip gives variants their own subfolder but the program is still looking in the main folder for the variants.

      So I was able to change a variant by copying the folder and the editing the xml.  It also worked for adding a variant.


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