any way to do code 'templates' in eclipse?

  • Stephen Nell

    Stephen Nell - 2009-09-20

    so i created a hrc for my business basic language and i am up and running in eclipse and life is good…

    but….   in my old editor i could create code templates for commonly used code blocks…   i see eclipse has this feature in its java, javascript language preferences… is there a way i can do this in eclipse-colorer for my language? 


  • Igor Russkih

    Igor Russkih - 2009-09-21


    The only way to do this is to incorporate such a functionality into colorer's code.

    Unfortunately eclipse is not so flexible to allow integration of third party components into editors. Each Editor is a separate plugin with its own features.

    There could be a chance that some plugin exists, which can add templates into any eclipse's editor, but I'm not aware of such plugin.

    And personally I don't planning to introduce this into the colorer.

  • Stephen Nell

    Stephen Nell - 2009-09-21

    Thanks for the clarification…  it is good to know that I wasn't just overlooking something.  



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