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Plone PAS First Release

PlonePAS, which allows the Pluggable Auth Service to work in Plone, has been released for the first time with a version of 0.3.

Please read the README carefully, and report any bugs.

Posted by James Cooper 2005-06-29

PasswordResetTool 0.2 Released

PasswordResetTool replaces the existing "forgot my password" scheme in CMF and Plone sites with a mail-back password reset scheme, a must for any site doing on-site password encyption -- and doing so is highly recommended.

With this release, PasswordResetTool is ready for deployment, and contains most features from the release 1.0 roadmap. Please report any issues so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

Posted by James Cooper 2003-10-06

New CMFWeblog and RPCAuth releases

The Collective team is pleased to announce the new releases of two great products for CMF/Plone.

This new version of CMFWeblog supports two new blog APIs, the MetaWeblog and MovableType.

RPCAuth was also updated to support unicode path segments, thus work with the latest version of Zope (2.7).

Posted by Sidnei da Silva 2003-07-22

CMFNewsFeed 1.1 released

Version 1.1 of the CMF News Feed has been released as part of the CMF Collective project.

Posted by Doug Hellmann 2002-06-22

CMFWebAgent 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of the CMF WebAgent is available as part of the CMF Collective project.

Posted by Doug Hellmann 2002-06-22

CMF Weblog Tool 0.2.1

CMF Weblog Tool 0.2.1 is released! There are docs about setting up and using the weblog tool now, so what are you waiting for?

Posted by Nathan Sain 2002-06-21

CMFForum 0.1beta2 released

This is a release to fix minor bugs.

* Added license and loads of documentation.

* Fixed Installation script.

* You can safely re-run the external method to register the forum skin in all of your skins.

* Fixed removal.

Posted by Sidnei da Silva 2002-06-20

CMFWeblog 0.1 Released!

You can now blog from your favorite Blogger-API supported cliented into CMF! Requires latest CMF 1.3b1 or greater. Works very well with Plone.

Posted by alan runyan 2002-06-20

CMF Forum 0.1 Released

This is the first release of CMFForum. A forum for CMF based on ZDiscussion.

CMFForum is being hosted on the Collective project, at Sourceforge.

Particular features of interest in CMFForum:

* Messages can contain attachments.

* Thread view

* Sortable threads

* Plays well with CMF and Plone

* More to come

Also, Limi promised to do a rework on the UI to make it more Plone-Like ASAP.... read more

Posted by Sidnei da Silva 2002-06-14