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Polygons2Triangles destroys my model

  • Branden Coker

    Branden Coker - 2008-06-12

    Hey Steve, greetings from AGI. I'm trying to use the Polygons2Triangles conditioner, but I'm getting some strange results. The resulting mesh is missing lots of polygons. You can see some screen shots of the before and after here:

    Any thoughts?

    • hapiloulou

      hapiloulou - 2008-12-15

      Hi there,

      I've already got the same problem with simple mesh.
      For me, the problem seems to be the number of materials related to polygon.

      Polygon mapped with single material is well supported by the conditioner.
      Whereas a single polygon sharing several material generates bad results.

      Do you have something new until your last message ?


      M. HAMMANN


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