Collada Max NextGen

Mark T
  • Mark T

    Mark T - 2009-04-28

    I can't seem to find the source for NextGen in the svn?  Where is the source code held?

    Is there a Max 2010 Version of the original FCollada based Collada Max?

    • Mark T

      Mark T - 2009-04-28

      I managed to recompile the latest code there to Max 2010, but it requires a lot of changes w/ AssetManagment, and an upgrade to vs 2008.  How come Collada Max Next has less exported features supported?  The FCollada based on seems to be more feature complete?

      • Robert Wuerfel

        Robert Wuerfel - 2009-04-29

        Hi Mark,

        the source code of the NextGen plug-in is contained in the svn repository of the OpenCOLLADA sf project ( It has already been ported to Max 2010 and does not require vs 2008 to build. vs 2005 works fine.
        Which export features of the FCollada plug-in are you missing in the NextGen one? Please  feel free to discuss them here in the open discussion. The export features of both plug-ins should be almost equal, except shader export, which is missing in NextGen.


        • Mark T

          Mark T - 2009-04-29

          UV Animations was the biggest one I noticed just off hand.  Also it seems to be missing the option for relative paths, as well as XRefs in the export dialog.

          Interesting, I read a post from 3ds max that said since max 2010 was compiled with vs 2008, it used the version 9 runtimes.  Which they said all plugins for 2010 had to be compiled with those runtimes, which are only availble in vs 2008.


          • Jeff Hanna

            Jeff Hanna - 2009-05-27

            The 3ds Max SDK Programmer's Guide help file states that Max 2010 plugins using VS 2008 SP1. It's in the "What's New: 3ds Max 2010 SDK" topic in that help file.

            All of the SDK samples and includes in the 2010 SDK are written/compiled against VS 2008 SP1.

    • Mark T

      Mark T - 2009-04-29

      Is support for the FCollada plugin ended?  Is the next Gen now the main line?

    • Paul Feneht

      Paul Feneht - 2009-05-12

      The nextgen export doesn't have the relative path by default or it seems that way to me.  I can't get my uv map image to load on any other computer because it's looking for my file path which doesn't exist.  I am exporting from an obj to .dae with a png uv map.  Then using the collada file in papervision to render the model in flash. Again the uv map will only load correctly in flash on my computer.  If i try to run the same swf on any other computer a drive not found error pops up.  Any thoughts?  I am using ColladaMax out of Max 2010.


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