Joints' names are discarded?!

  • seith

    seith - 2009-06-01

    I'm playing with the joints/skin export in the latest version of the NextGen exporter for Maya 2009, and I see that the joints-array for a bound skin only lists "bone0 bone1 bone2, etc...". But my joints have a different name in Maya and it is very important that I know what's what. Isn't there a way for the exporter to respect the name of the joints in Maya?

    • Anonymous - 2009-06-08

      The joint array in a skin contains the sids of joint nodes. The name of the joints are in the node element of the joint.
      Until now, there is no real id preservation of the maya ids in the export implemented. About this, the maya node names and the ids can differ. But normally, the maya joint names and the collada node names should be the same.

      The implmentation of joint sids with "bone0", "bone1" etc. is always used by the old feeling exporter plug-in. Is it possible, that you used the old feeling plug-in for the export instead of the new NextGen plug-in?


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