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  • D/C

    D/C - 2009-04-27

    Hello, I'm on Vista x64 and I have problems running 3DS Max 2009 x64, so I have to run the x86 dist.  The ColladaMax x86 installer won't work on Vista x64 because it can't find 3DS Max, since it's located in "C:\Program Files (x86)" as opposed to the usual "C:\Program Files". 

    I got the 0.8.2 beta version thankfully, which has the Max 2009 x86 plugin .dle file right there in a folder in the archive.  So I was able to manually drop it into the Max plugins folder, and it seems to be working ok so no worries there.

    However, I'm concerned about not being able to get updates.  Would it be possible to continue to include files for manual install in all of your releases, or possibly update the installer to check "Program Files (x86)" for 3DS Max installations?


    • Anonymous - 2009-05-04


      the problem seems to be, that the registry key of the 32bit max installation doesn't exist.

      Could you open your 32bit registry
      and have a look, if there is in the directory
      or something like this (depends on your 3dsMax version and the installed language) a registry key called "Installdir". If it doesn't exist there, please have a look for this in your standart registry path and tell me, if and where it is set.

      Do you still have the 3dsMax 64bit version installed? Could you try to uninstall it and try the installation after this?

      Thanks a lot!


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