Alnaad - 2010-03-23

Hi Everybody!
I work on a Mac osx 10.4.1. I model with Maya 2008. I am having a very hard time to export my model from Maya to Papervision.
So to tell you what i have done till now: downloaded first "OpenCOLLADA_Maya_1.2.2.dmg" and that installed ok and i could see it as an option for export in Maya but when comes the time to get it going with the papervision plugin in flash (cs3) no go.
Second i downloaded : "ColladaMaya_3_05BU" thinking it might be the one that i need to suit my system better but now even when i follow the directions given in InstallationInstructions.txt i get a heap of errors in my terminal window.

Is there a Whizz among you guys who could come to my rescue?