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Andrew H

Seeking to get Collada working in Maya 2010 on OS X. Tried downloading "OpenCOLLADA_Maya_1.1.0.dmg, but the installer is hanging -- I assume this is because it's looking for Maya 2009 dir structure. Not sure.
Any ideas? Thank you, Andrew


  • - 2009-09-10
  • Jake K

    Jake K - 2009-09-18

    I'm having problems with the same setup. I posted to the open discussions and I was directed here: http://www.opencollada.org/downloads/OpenCOLLADA_Maya_1.1.0_macosx_2010.zip
    There's no installer though, it's just a bundle. I copied it to the plug-ins directory and loaded it into maya with the plug-in manager, but it's throwing errors. I'd be interested to see if you have more luck.

  • Andrew H

    Andrew H - 2009-09-18

    Thank you. I downloaded and have been successfully using the plug in Maya 2010 OSX. The import takes quite a long time (up to 7-10 minutes for a textured POSER figure), but it does work.

    Thanks a lot for your link and help on this.

  • - 2009-09-18

    The COLLADA importer for Maya is not really an importer but more a converter: the DAE file is converted into a .MA file first and then opened in Maya. It takes some seconds for conversion but *very* long for loading the .MA. We are in the process of writing .MB (binaries) instead of .MA (ascii) Maya files and expect a drastic performance increase.

  • - 2009-09-21

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