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#6 Support UNC paths


In theory you could take a UNC path like \\remoteMachine\myDoc.dae and convert it to a file URI as file://remoteMachine/myDoc.dae. The DOM should be able to resolve that URI and load myDoc.dae. Unfortunately libxml doesn't support that style of URI for some reason. People who have files on local machines in the Windows network can't load those files with the DOM.

There is one workaround I'm aware of: if you map a UNC path as a network drive (let's say you map \\remoteMachine to H:) you can pass a normal file URI to the DOM to get at remote documents, as in file:///H:/myDoc.dae.

Hopefully we can come up with a better idea that allows us to handle file://remoteMachine/... style URIs directly.


  • Steven Thomas

    Steven Thomas - 2007-05-10
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  • Steven Thomas

    Steven Thomas - 2007-05-10
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  • Steven Thomas

    Steven Thomas - 2007-05-10

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    Actually, a Windows UNC path can be converted to a URI for use with the DOM as follows:

    \\remoteMachine\myDoc.dae --> file://///remoteMachine/myDoc.dae

    That's 5 slashes after the file: in the URI. This works fine with libxml, so I'm closing this req.


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