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How to detach an IDB from a particular server

  • pod2g

    pod2g - 2010-08-21


    I have an IDB I used to connect to a test server.

    Now, I want to use the same IDB and connect it to another (production) server.

    How to do that ?

    The production server keep bugging me :

    Protocol error detected: Tried to join a project that doesn't exist on this server:7874abe85c4d8a3f20fa1831638a713cbb7bf54a8e9686c455d50bb73cbb995e

    Thank you in advance for your answer.


  • Chris Eagle

    Chris Eagle - 2011-04-14

    Long delay.

    An IDB is not tied to a server, its tied to a project. Did you migrate your collabreate database from your test server to your production server so that your project would be found when you logged in? The following IdaPython commands will disassociate an idb from its collabreate project, but you really need to understand all the implications of using it. It will not undo any of the work that you've done in your database.

    n = netnode("$ COLLABREATE NETNODE")


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