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Dan D
  • Dan D

    Dan D - 2009-04-15

    We have just installed collabREate and are testing it to see if it will work.  So far everything looks pretty good except that 'function comments' (entered by selecting ":" while cursor is anywhere in the function's name) are not shared between users.  Regular comments and repeatable comments are shared between users

    We are attempting to use this with IDA Pro 5.4.  We downloaded the collabREate source and built using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition.  There were 68 (if I remember correctly) warnings, but the plugin loads and runs.

    Is this something that has not been put into collabREate that we must add?
    Or is a function comment something that IDA Pro does not provide an event for?


    • Dan D

      Dan D - 2009-04-15

      We found the problem!  The "COMMAND_AREA_CMT_CHANGED" commands were being rejected by the collabREate server because of permissions.

      The "COMMAND_AREA_CMT_CHANGED" command was not in the switch statement of the function 'checkPermissions' (  When a case for this command was added in with the "COMMAND_CMT_CHANGED" command case, the server rebuilt, and the server restarted, function comments then worked fine.

      Should this be added to the collabREate server baseline/repository?

      Thanks for (the work put forth on) this project.  It appears to be a very useful tool to use when more than one person is to work on an IDA Pro project/file/database.



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