I've just started trying to use the serial support in coLinux. It actually works ok in minicom for a few seconds, then suddenly everything just disappears, i.e. all colinux processes quit. I can't find anything in any logs anywhere, on the host, or guest, so I'm not really sure how to address the problem. Any ideas?

Relevant info:
* Linux version (hn@coLinux) (gcc version 4.1.2) #1 PREEMPT Sat May 24 22:27:30 UTC 2008
* Host:  Vista
* running debian lenny
* config: ttys0=COM5,"BAUD=4800 PARITY=n DATA=8 STOP=1 dtr=on rts=on"
* COM5 is a virtual COM port provided by a Serial->USB driver for the Prolific chip
* I added myself to the "dialout" group, and connected with minicom - GPS NMEA sentences print to the screen for a page or two, then bang.