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Thanks for your reply.

CoLinux 0.7.1 with builds after 2007-03-03 has a workarrount and tells
the CPU every change on page tables with a special read CR3 and write
back the same value.  This bug exist only on Intels, but we do this
workarround on all CPU types.
Strange.  coLinux 0.7.1 RC3 which resulted in a BSOD on startup was built on 2007-03-26.  So, I expect 0.7.1 RC3 had the fix for 'noexecute'.  Could the version of Vista may have been the cause for BSOD?  I tried to run 0.7.1 RC3 on Vista Home Premium.  If not, could the PC hardware configuration, say motherboard etc. may have caused that BSOD?  If not, then I probably made some error during installation.
For Vista should use a build after 2007-04-25, there was fixed an other
problem with halt/shutting down:
Ok, will give this a try.